Author: R. A. Conn

The much-maligned adverb is in need of a defender, and I have decided to step up to fulfill that role. Bad writers have abused the poor word group almost to extinction, and people who don’t understand grammar or writing — or the history of either — have supported the adverb’s banishment from modern writing. However, […]
“Energy usage is at nearly 100% of your daily quota,” the friendly, robotic voice announced through speakers into the kitchen. Becky froze in horror. The oven, which held her completely uncooked lasagna, began to power down, and the lights dimmed around her. “100%? HALI, are you sure?” She asked. “It’s not even dinner time yet.” […]
“Nicole, did you hear!? Rosalind Dunas is moving to your city!” “Mom, I’m not sure that’s news worth screeching into the phone about.” “Oh, don’t act all nonchalant with me. You know you’re just as disturbed by this news as I am. That girl was trouble here, and this is just a little town. Just […]
Many years ago, so long ago that the mother earth was still fresh and innocent, a sweet and regal princess was in love with a kind, generous prince. He was in love with her, too. It was a happy time for them, and the land and sea and sky shared equally in rejoicing their love. […]
When I was 20, I cast my first presidential vote for Al Gore. We all know how that turned out. My frustrations were primarily directed at the Supreme Court and the people who actually voted for Bush. While I didn’t understand the appeal of Nader then, I had friends who voted for him, and it […]
I love to read. Really. I swear I do. Yet lately, I’ve become so picky. When I was a kid, I’d go to the library and check out thirty books at a time, devouring Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, the Baby-Sitters Club and R. L. Stein. I used to “sleep” with my door open and […]