Dying for a Key?

As I drove cross country, moving from Virginia back to the mountains of the west that I’ve always considered home, I listened to The Dead Key, by P. M. Pulley. Some of the drive was beautiful, and I could spend hours just watching the scenery flash by, but states like Oklahoma required the distraction of an engaging book. The Dead Key delivered. It was exciting, the author built suspense at a perfect pace, and I often found myself eager to get back in the car to hear what would happen next. The ending was a bit weak, as one climax after another left me wondering when the story would finally end, and the final end was a bit of a letdown. But it was a weak ending, not a bad one. So, I would definitely recommend it to others, especially if you’re going to be driving or flying somewhere and are in need of a good distraction.

P.S. Last I checked, it was available for free via Amazon Unlimited, but I can’t promise that’s still the case.