The Interminable Atlantis Gene

I didn’t finish The Atlantis Gene, by A. G. Riddle. It was another book that I listened to, mainly on flights. Two factors definitely prevented me from finishing, and it’s possible there’s a third.
1) I listened to it while I flew places for work, and when my business travel stopped, I stopped reading. But I was halfway through the book, so why didn’t I keep listening on dog walks or car rides?
2) I hated the narrator. A narrator can make or break an audiobook, and this narrator definitely broke it. The intonations and pauses and everything else involved in narrating a book were all just wrong. It was jarring and grating to hear the wrong words emphasized and the wrong tone used. But then, why didn’t I just read it?
3) Well, to start, I hadn’t been enjoying the book that much. It was distracting enough on the plane, but it’s another of those books that bounces between characters and scenes too fast for me to really get into any one character or into the plot. I did, at one point, try to sit down and read the book, but the bouncing narrative got the better of me: I totally lost track of who the characters were and what they were doing. (You’ll note I’m not even trying to describe the plot and that’s because it was too convoluted to waste my time on. You can read the official description here, if you want.)
The book has gotten so many good reviews that I might give it a second chance later, and because of all those positive reviews, I’m not going to suggest that others not give it a try. But I’m definitely not impressed yet.

P.S. Last I checked, this book was available for free via Amazon Unlimited, but that may not still be the case.