The Sixth Extinction (It’s Our Fault)

Wow. That pretty much sums up my reaction to this brilliant book. The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, by Elizabeth Kolbert, completely changed the way I look at humanity. The research and writing are absolutely genius. The author does a wonderful job taking what could easily by dry science and adding humanity, emotion and drama. The result is a very readable, engaging and even exciting book about the impact humanity is having on the world. And in case you’re curious, no, our impact is not good. However, for as frustrating and not very hopeful as the book is, it also wasn’t as devastating as one might expect. Odd as it may seem, the book left me feeling like I had a deeper understanding of my connection with the world. As I rush through this recent set of book reviews, I regret not having more time to spend on this review. It changed my perspective on life, and I may try to come back in the future and do a better job explaining why this book is so important to read. But for now, read the book! It could change your life.