When the Diary Tells You What Your Day Will Bring

Diary, by Chuck Palahniuk, was, well, weird, as only a Chuck Palahniuk book can be. It’s a diary written by a woman to her husband who is in a coma after he apparently tried to kill himself. But this is Chuck Palahniuk, so it’s obviously not going to get sentimental. Prior to attempting suicide, the man had defaced many of the summer homes he’d been doing work on over the winter. The owners come to their summer homes and find the disaster and since the man is in a coma, they take out their frustrations on his wife instead. Meanwhile, his wife used to be an artist with a strange fetish for shiny objects, but now she’s a waitress. The man’s family “encourages” her to return to her art for what turns out to be a nefarious and paranormal ending.

It got a bit gross and over the top about 2/3 of the way through, but I’m glad I stuck with the book. The twist at the end was interesting, and ultimately, it was worth a read. It’s a book I’d recommend, but I do so with the reminder that this is a Chuck Palahniuk book.